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Coach Education

Providing sport science workshop alongside our annual conference to help coaches develop their understanding and application of tennis specific sport science.

What is RacketEdge? 

RacketEdge provides tennis specific sport science education, consultancy and coaching. We educate coaches and fellow practitioners on the unique demands of tennis and the effective integration of athletic development into tennis programmes. We also provide strength and conditioning support to players of all levels and ages. This is provided through remote programming and/or regular coaching support. 

Tennis Programme Consultancy

Supporting tennis centres plan, prepare and deliver integrated physical training methods and additional sport science disciplines into their coaching programme.

Tennis Player Support

RacketEdge provides strength and conditioning coaching to tennis players, alongside opportunities for remote programming. Furthermore we have excellent links to additional sport science disciplines to aid athletic development.   


Dr Mark Kovacs, iTPA Executive Director

"Jonny has demonstrated he is a leader in this industry and possesses extensive tennis specific training knowledge and expertise."

"Howard  works closely with other members of my training team to make sure all bases are covered. His professionalism, organisation and passion are infectious and he has a way of getting that extra bit of work out of me in the gym! "

Laura Massaro, World Number One Squash Player

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